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A while back, I wrote about the need for a new mobile phone and my trials and tribulations over what to get and which network to switch to.

Well, here is what I plumped for: the Sony XP1 Ultra.  Sticking with my preferred brand. It has a six-inch display; Android Dairy Milk Crunch (or whatever the latest version is called); fast processor(s) and the all-important camera. Well, two cameras – like most phones today, it has a camera on the front for taking selfies. Not that I have ever taken a selfie, but, you never know.

I got it for a bargain price too, thanks to Mrs M having a voucher for sixty quid off!

And – following advice from a couple of you – I opted for giffgaff as my network provider. Quick and easy to set up, and pretty cheap.

So far, I am most pleased with it.


  1. Frances

    I hope that you will be happy with GiffGaff. I have had 6 months of it now and it seems to work just fine! I pay £7.50 per month instead of the £19.60 I was shelling out with EE ! ( I could probably get by with the £5 deal, but they recommend the other)

    • Masher

      I’m on the 10 quid a month deal and could easily drop down one, I reckon. And may yet do so.

      But, I’m quite happy with my package (ooer, missus) as it is half of what I was paying to Three and I’ve got 6 times as much data… which I’m not using.
      But it’s nice to have… just in case.

  2. Brennig

    I don’t know the handset. But I do enjoy the Android experience. I’m sizing up my next handset. There are many choices out there!

    • Masher

      So many/Too many choices to choose from.

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