It’s good to talk

My journey to work – as I’ve oft mentioned – is a horrible one and takes far longer than it damn well should.

Generally, to while away the time, I listen to podcasts.

But, a few weeks ago, I fitted a VHF/UHF radio transmitter in the car (that’s it in the picture above). This allows me to converse with other like-minded idiots as I travel.

And it’s amazing how much quicker the time flies when in conversation with someone.

I wish I’d done it years ago.



  1. Brennig

    That’s very interesting. How do you do the hands-free thing?

    • Masher

      I don’t: I use a fist mic.
      Interestingly enough, as a licenced radio amateur, I can legally hold a microphone in my hand, but not a mobile telephone.

      The law – as we all know – is an ass.

      • Brennig

        Gosh, that’s bonkers

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