Hooray, hooray, the first of May. Again.

Today – as young Bren was keen to point out to me, ridiculously early this morning – is my birthday.

So, how old am I?

Very old.

At least, that’s what my kids are always telling me.

But, age is just a number, apparently.

However, it’s a number that my head disagrees with and my knees complain about… constantly.

I do exhibit many of the tell-tale signs of advanced age, though:

I have no idea what is number 1 in the charts and I doubt I would recognise many of the artists. The best decade for music, of course, was the eighties.

We all know that.

I have no idea about many of today’s ‘celebrities’ – they’re just unfamiliar faces on the front page of the tabloids, as far as I am concerned.

And I fondly remember sloppy disks; diskettes; Compact Cassettes ; VHS, Betamax and Video 2000; Laser Disks; Walkman(s); Fred Housego; Anneka Rice; Kenneth Williams; The Goodies and Bless This House; Stingray and Joe 90 and much, much more.

Better times, I reckon.



  1. Arthur Pewty’s on the air

    Happy Birthday Masher !!!

    May Day ! May Day! May Day!

    What’s he talking about that was weeks ago, it’s nearly June


    It takes old buggers like us to remember lines like that from the steam radio

    Radio, the greatest medium ever but try telling the youth of today and they laugh sympathetically at talk of the dusty old valve box, hey ho it matters not really but they’ll go through the same thing one day, gawd knows where technology will take them.

    Have a great day and I hope the celebrating lasts into the Bank holiday and if not why not?

    • Masher

      Thanks Arf.
      And yes: best. medium. ever.
      At least, back then it was 🙂

  2. David Sheriton

    Ah, Bon Anniversaire as we say down here. I hope Mrs M gave you a special present yesterday. Don’t answer that! I agree with you, except I think you meant the Seventies! Sloppy disks? I have no idea what you had on your disks but I think we better gloss over that as well!

    • Masher

      Merci, mon ami.


      Nuff sed.

  3. Jules

    Happy Birthday, fellow Taurean! 😉 You are too cool for skool.

    • Masher

      Ain’t I just!

  4. Alan

    All before my time.

    • Masher

      Yeah, right! 🙂

  5. Brennig

    I am 12. All three girls in this house consistently tell me this, so it must be true.

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