I’ve been busy over the weekend.

Doing the usual weekendy stuff: cutting the grass; cleaning the bathroom; fixing the stupidly-expensive cordless hoover… that sort of thing.

And also, building this little project from April’s Practical Wireless.

G0PJO’s wonderfully simple design was a joy to build… and cheap too!

I think total cost was about 22 quid and that gives me a highly accurate clock, along with Latitude and Longitude coordinates; temperature and air pressure readings and a Maidenhead Locator too! It will even show WAB squares… if I wanted it to, but I didn’t, so a quick tinker with the very well-documented code switched off that particular function.

If you are looking for a quick and simple – but worthwhile – project to get the soldering iron going, then I can heartily recommend this.



  1. Alan

    Ok, ok. I am getting there.
    Not forgetting altitude as well just to see whether you are feeling high or low.
    I see your desk is 36m asl.
    Just waiting on the postman so I can finish mine.
    Looks good.

    • Masher

      Yeah, I’m pleased with the finished product.
      Just need to sort out an enclosure for the BMP180 module and it’s done.

  2. Frances

    I probably won’t bother thanks!!

    • Masher

      You don’t know what you’re missing, Frances. 🙂

  3. David Sheriton

    A Maidenhead locator? Is this for detecting virgins?

    If it’s the town in Berkshire, you just come off the M4 at Junction 8/9 and it’s the big place you come to. You don’t need any fancy electronics for that. It’s been there for 1150 years. You are too late to discover it!

    As for WAB squares! This might be the reason I have never wielded a soldering iron in my life.

    • Masher

      If it was, it’d be wasted round these parts, Dave!

    • Alan

      WAB squares.
      It’s a chess board. (White & Black sqares)
      Soldering iron not required.

  4. Robert G4PYR

    Sorry to be picky but they are WAB areas not squares. the WAB area may be more that one county or rateable district, so the area is not always a square!!!

    If desperate you can try and work me for my 9 WAB book numbers!!!

    • Masher

      Yeah, but EVERYONE calls them “squares”.
      Don’t they?

      And 9 books?!
      You is a busy boy, Robert

      • Robert G4PYR

        Spent many years chasing WAB Areas.

        First to activate, with two others SZ38 Hampshire more years ago than I care to remember.

        Used to spend many hours on 1930 kHz on the WAB net.

        Now back active on VHF/UHF so may start chasing again, should wake up the locals.

        • Alan

          I must agree that they are WAB areas. Each area has an equal length side with a right angle in each corner thus forming a square which 99.999% of radio hams call
          WAB squares. I must admit I have never heard them called areas or actually seen it in print. Not being a greedy sort of chap I only have 1 book and my qth is in the WAB square SZ79. 73 G7ARK
          ps I only operate on the HF bands.

  5. Jules

    I think you should go on Dragon’s Den.

    • Masher

      Yeah, I could, but it’s not actually my design.

      Anyway, standing in front of 4 millionaires and 5 million TV viewers would completely terrify me.

      For that reason, I’m out.

  6. Brennig

    I have no idea what you’ve just said. Apart from the Maidenhead detector. Probably

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