Painting the Forth Bridge

I think I mentioned earlier that we are in the throes of decorating Amelia’s bedroom.

It’s just about finished and it looks wonderful. She is well chuffed.

And so she should be: new fitted wardrobes; new carpet; new furniture; new bed; new lights; new everything.

It’s cost a small fortune, hence no holiday this year.

And now that it’s finished, we get to start on Harry’s room next month. Hurray!

Of course, I’m damn sure that once those two bedrooms are looking all spick and span, Mrs M will want ours doing, to match.

That just leaves my playroom (AKA Masher’s Man Cave) and the bathroom to be done, so that the whole of upstairs is all fresh and lovely.

Of course, if you are going to do all the upstairs, then…

And repeat.

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  1. Brennig

    Good luck with getting the mancave updated. We* are finishing off the decorating. The house goes to valuation in the next few weeks and hopefully we put it on the market soon afterwards. Of course this means that we are ankle-deep in pots of paint and dustsheets and uncleaned paintbrushes and all of the rubbish that comes from doing ‘DIY’. I hate it all

    *Sam is

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