Gift Horse

Next weekend is the current Mrs Masher’s birthday.

And what does one get for the girl who has, well… me?

Darned if I know.

I can’t get her chocolates, because she’s on a diet.

I can’t buy her clothes because… well, she’s on a diet and what fits now might not fit later.

I can’t get her a 21 piece socket set with a ½ inch drive reversible ratchet,  because I got her one of those for Christmas.

So, I asked her: “What would you like me to get you for your birthday, Mrs M?”

Even she struggled with that one! I was expecting a list of options, but no.

After some thought, she said she wanted a laptop.

A laptop? Now THAT I can do!

I wonder if I should get her a pink one or a white one.


  1. Frances


    • Masher


  2. Brennig

    A Filofax? A Cheesegrater? A Newton’s Cradle? A fondue set? A cuddly toy? A conveyor belt? Sliding doors?

    • Masher

      Wrong on all counts.

      • Brennig

        Those are just some of the things I bought Sam for Christmas. Except for the sliding doors.

  3. Kelly

    White of course!

    • Masher

      Ahh… of course!
      *sound of a penny dropping*

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