Earwig o again

I’ve got one of those earworm things, y’know, when you get a tune stuck in your head and can’t shift it.

As earworms go, it’s not a bad one though.

It’s actually one of my favourite pieces of music and I stumbled upon it by chance, many years ago, when I was visiting some friends in Norwich (we weren’t going to see the quiz of the week, I might add) and I found myself mooching in HMV, whilst my mate and his wife were shopping next door for cushions or some shit like that.

Scherezade is the piece I’m talking about. By Rimsky and the Korsakovs.

It’s a wonderful piece of music, one of my favourites, but annoyingly, I just keep playing the same thirty-second loop in my head and not the whole 40 minutes.

Anyway, on a related note, I was in town t’other day and noticed that our HMV had closed down.

This upset me slightly, as it was the last ‘record store’ in town.

OK, I can’t even remember the last time I actually bought a record or CD from there (or anywhere else)… but it upset me nonetheless.


  1. Alan

    Other record shops may Not be available.
    But do you remember Farmers record shop in Upper George Street, I do.
    That was a real record shop where they had proper booths and decks to try before you didn’t buy the record.

    • Masher

      Nah, before my time.
      Bought my first record – as many of us did – from Woolies.
      But we also had HMV and Our Price.
      Even WH Smiths used to sell them, but no more.

  2. Jules

    A beautiful piece, Masher. Blimey, I’m learning quite a lot about you this month. You’re not quite the philistine I first thought! ;P

    • Masher

      Nearly, but not quite. 🙂

  3. vanessa

    Back in the dark ages I worked at HMV and also 4 Play records and then went on to be an area sales rep for a record company…bet that job no longer exists either!

    • Alan

      I bet 4 Play still exists.

    • Masher

      Can’t say I remember 4Play, Ness.
      Has the gramophone reached the colonies, then? 🙂

  4. Brennig

    Used to have a copy of Scherezade on 78 RPM (or was it on the Wax Cylinder?). I used to be able to remember foreplay too, but like you Young Masher, it’s a distant memory now

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