Normality Resuming pt 2

I went to do my weekly shop at the supermarket yesterday, and noticed that their restaurant had finally re-opened.


And last night, we went to the pictures again, where we watched the latest (ninth) instalment of the Fast & Furious franchise in the IMAX screen.

What a ridiculous film! I really didn’t enjoy it at all.  I remember watching the first film years ago, and not thinking much of it. I’ve not watched any of them since.

The family was keen to go and see it though, and there was nothing else going on – apart from a football match – so I saw it as a night out.

But, what a ridiculous load of rubbish!

One silver lining, was that because of the aforementioned football match, the cinema was almost deserted.

That’s probably not so good for Cineworld, though.


  1. Alan

    So you was too fast to agree about going and then furious about the film.
    At least you had your Saturday morning treat.

    • Masher

      To all of that.

  2. Brennig

    Nope, still not doing any of those things.

    • Masher

      Really? You’re not eating tea cakes?

      • Brennig

        Actually, I had a four-pack of hot cross buns last week. But Mr Ocado brought them.

  3. Jules

    You missed the footie for Fast and Furious?!! I feel I should send you to the Tower of London!

    Still, bet you didn’t have a hideous hangover this Monday…

    • Masher

      Nah, not me.
      I actually dozed off for about half hour, during the second half.

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