Sainsburys shopping

I did my usual, weekly, grocery shop at the supermarket this morning.

Although it’s starting to get busier there, we haven’t yet gone back to pre-Covid numbers.

I think a lot of people started having home deliveries or Click & Collect during the first lockdown and probably enjoyed the extra convenience it gave them and so they have stuck with it.

Which is great, because it keeps down the number of customers actually in the store.

But, as I say, numbers are on the increase and the store is getting busier.

And people are starting to get lax: 2 metre distancing has long gone, as has waiting for someone to move out of the way. Now, people just lean across each other, grabbing whatever they require.

I was getting some eggs, this morning. And – of course – before putting the eggs in the trolley, I opened the box and checked that there were no broken ones.  It probably took me ten seconds to do so.

Satisfied they were all intact, I turned round and stepped away from the eggs,  walking straight into an old woman as I did so.

She must have been stood no more than six inches away from me! I’d have probably felt her breathing down the back of my neck, if it wasn’t for the fact that she was only about 4-foot tall.

Of course, I apologised for bumping into her.

Yes, I apologised, even though she was the one breaking the distancing rules, being too impatient to wait till I had moved out of the way.

At least she was wearing a mask. Not everyone does.

I think some people feel that if they have a mask on, they are protected and distancing isn’t required.



  1. Alan

    We have been doing home shopping since the start and have not looked back. When we have been anywhere near the Tesco store we used the queue of people waiting to get in has been ridiculous. By all accounts it not so good inside either with much the same as your local store.
    Do not think will bother going back to shopping in store.

    • Masher

      Yeah, we had big queues in the Summer, but nothing since. They still count people in and out, though.
      When we’ve had home deliveries before, there’s always been too many substitutions.

  2. Brennig

    People will be people, grasshopper

    • Masher

      Stoopid people.

  3. Dave

    I must say, people here have been pretty good with the masks but the distancing in the supermarkets hasn’t been great. The French have had to give up kissing everyone hello, which is a major sacrifice for them, so it would be unfair to expect them to stop pushing in as well.

    • Masher

      Yes, of course: no kissing, no handshaking: it must be tearing them apart.

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