We all occasionally get a song stuck in our heads, I’m sure.

Usually it’s because it was the last thing we heard on the radio before leaving the house, or because we heard someone whistling it, or something like that.

And usually, it will stick in our heads and annoy us for several hours, before being replaced by a new tune… one that we just heard someone whistling.

Or on the radio.

But sometimes, it seems, a song or tune will appear in our heads, for no reason at all. Apropos of nothing.

At least, that’s what happens in my bonce.

And – sometimes – it will stay there, not for hours, but for days and days.

Driving me bonkers.

Last week, I had Vivaldi’s Four Seasons on repeat.  Not the whole suite. Not even one movement. But just a few bars, playing over and over.

And over.

I’m not even sure which movement it was from – I think it may have been Winter.  Either way, it was there for days and  it drove me to distraction.

But, this week it has been replaced by… The Immigrant Song.

Led Zeppelin.

An excellent song.

I give it two days before it sends me insane.


  1. Alan

    I know a song that will get on your nerves…but I guess you already have enough of your own.

    • Masher


  2. Highwaylass

    I don’t tend to suffer earworms but I do get stuck replaying conversations that I’d like to have gone better. Some from decades ago 🙁

    • Masher

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who does that!
      When I’m out walking the dog, I sometimes have this whole internal monologue going on, where I explain an awkward situation/conversation (usually from some romantic interlude that happened eons ago) to someone else.
      I think it’s a way of punishing myself for being a twat at the time.

  3. Brennig

    Hello the dog-walking internal monologue club! Are you accepting new members who frequently indulge? Also earworms (currently the opening five bars of Mott The Hoople’s ‘Trudy’s Song’.

    • Masher

      New members always welcome.
      Low self-esteem optional.

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