Why do I bother?

I had to drop Mrs M at the hospital yesterday, as she needed a check-up for, well…  you know: “ladies things”.

“I want to go ten minutes early”, she said, “as I don’t know where the gynaecology deptartment is.”

“Surely it’s at the front entrance”, I said.

Nothing. Not a titter.


  1. Alan

    And there you were, beavering your way to the hospital.
    Mind you I have to do the same in December for ‘er in doors.
    Hope she got on ok.

    • Masher

      All good, ta.

  2. Jules

    Hahahahaha! You should be on telly.

    • Masher

      Who’s to say I’m not? 😉

  3. Brennig

    I know you’re just doing it for the craic but don’t give up the day job

    • Masher

      Jeez, I wish I could Bren, I wish I could.

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