Crash, Bang, Wallop

A car ran into the back of me, on the M25, whilst driving to work, yesterday morning.

Not as dramatic as it may sound, as we were in almost stationary traffic… as is always the way at that time of the morning between junctions 17 and 16.

It did catch me unawares though (obviously not expecting it to happen), and I believe I have suffered a very minor case of whiplash as a result.

My neck was mildly aching all day and I had a slight headache.

This, despite the impact happening at about walking pace.

There is no damage to my car, whatsoever… it hardly even scuffed the dirt off the back!

And yet, I hurt myself.



  1. Frances

    It makes you wonder what a ” proper ” crash would be like! Glad it was only an ” unproper” crash.

    • Masher

      I have been in a ‘proper’ crash and came out of it physically unscathed (the car didn’t fair so well), and yet this…

  2. Brennig

    Where there’s blame there’s a claim. Get a no win no fee and wait for the pound notes to roll in.

  3. Masher

    I could.
    But I won’t.

  4. Rajesh

    Now you can give them a real location when the call comes..:)

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