… But No Cigar

We’re getting a new shed.

And so, I got a couple of quotes for a concrete base to be fitted.

And was staggered at the cost.

And so, with help from a friend, I did it myself.

We measured and we measured again.

Then we calculated how much ballast and cement we would need.

Over two days, we dug out the ground and levelled it as much as possible. Then – by shovel and wheelbarrow – we shifted two tonnes of concrete mix.

And then we ran out.

It was close, though!



  1. Well done. Maybe just a couple bags of ready mix from round the corner will do the trick. Hopefully you will not see many paw prints in it.

  2. This looks like for a XL shed

  3. Did you enjoy doing it though?

  4. test comment for time

  5. I am still working at British Summer Time – I have no truck with GMT as it makes the world dark! 11/11/2019 @ 19.42

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