Too Early

November 5th – “Fireworks Night” here in the UK – isn’t far away now.

And yet, we have have seen (and heard) plenty of fireworks in the sky, already. Probably since the end of August, I would say.

Of course, one could argue that people who are having parties in the latter half of the year, are just spicing up their celebrations by taking advantage of the fact that fireworks are now readily available.

I don’t see that myself. Pyrotechnics are available 365, nowadays. We have a shop near us that sells just fireworks and it is open all year round.

No, I think that some people just cannot wait.

Like those who already have their Christmas decorations up: I’ve seen at least half a dozen houses so far, that have been bedecked in flashing lights and wotnot, in readiness for celebrating the birth of the baby Jesus.

In October!

And I was shocked, saddened and annoyed during the last week of September, when I was doing my weekly food shop and found that all the bread had been moved, to make way for… mince pies.


And (whilst I am in a moany mood) what’s with the TV presenters all wearing their poppies already?

Too early… way too early.


  1. Just a quote from your last blog.
    “With your record you best not try anything to adventurous in the bedroom. I would hate to think what the next photo would be of.”
    Yep everything to early as usual. Our Tescos even has those famous cream eggs in stock. Mind you I think most shops have them all year round.

  2. Thames Valley Police have been removing fireworks from young people in Ambleside, Bedgrove because they were throwing them at people. I wish that fireworks were made without the bangs, that is what I hate most about them.
    I agree that shops fill their shelves with celebratory merchandise far too soon. It ticks one off!

  3. I had a few fireworks on Diwali which was on 27 th of October and managed to scare my daughter when doing the rockets.. which meant I have few leftovers now for next year. I personally love to watch the fireworks, have been once to New year’s at Big Ben and another time on 5th Nov in Milton Keynes. Both were amazing.

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