A Magical Night

Last night, we went out – as a family – to see a show down that London.

It was a magic show.

You both know how much I love a magic show!

And we all thoroughly enjoyed it, because it was very good.

Whether it was good enough to justify the eighty quid a ticket price, I’m not so sure.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a wonderfully entertaining show.

But… eighty quid a ticket!

Actually, with the admin fee, it worked out an extra £2.50 on top of that.

Add to that the return train fare, which was another 48 quid.

And then a meal and a couple of drinks at Planet Hollywood.

That family night out, just cost me about 500 quid!


It’s back to Cineworld for us.


  1. Alan

    Just a few more dog walks required then.

    • Masher


  2. Dave

    Well, they certainly knew how to make £500 quid disappear.

    • Masher

      I tried to word that very same sentiment into my post, Dave, but gave up.
      Thanks for squeezing it in 🙂

      • David Sheriton

        You are welcome.

        • Masher

          Not any more, I’m not.

  3. Toffeeapple

    You paid how much?! Cripes, Masher, that is beyond a joke!

    • Masher

      That’s no joke, TA, that’s London prices for ya.

      Needless to say, we won’t be doing that too often.

  4. Rajesh

    Last autumn I enjoyed few magic tricks for freee at Oxford while on a pub crawl and it was good. Thx Mark.:)

    • Masher

      Much better value for money!
      My pleasure, Rajesh.

  5. Alan

    and the last word……They must have been mind readers as well. They certainly saw you coming.😎

    • Masher

      That would be Fortune Tellers, surely?

      Actually, there was a mind-reading act on the night and he was very good, indeed.

  6. Alan

    Can’t beat a good old fashioned Soothsayer.

  7. Brennig

    For £500 you could all go to Cineworld *and* get some popcorn!

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