In the money

Whilst walking the dog through the woods, last night, I found a five-pound note.

Just laying there on the path, it was.

There was no-one around, so I picked it up and slipped it in my pocket.

I felt quite chuffed with my find… but not as chuffed as you might think.

Y’see, last month, whilst walking through the same woods – with the same dog – I happened across a ten-pound note, again, just lying there on the path.

And again, there was not a soul around, so I trousered that one too.

I don’t know about the streets of London being paved with gold, but the woods in Luton seem to be fairly flush.

Apart from the odd bits of loose change, this is the first decent bit of money I have found for a long time.

i remember many years ago, when I lived and worked in town, I was walking to work bright and early one morning, when I saw a ten-pound note laying on the pavement. There was no-one around, so I happily pocketed it.

Thirty seconds later, I found another one: just laying there on the pavement. That too went into my pocket and I convinced myself – there and then – that I’d be stinking rich by the time I got to the end of the road: imagining bundles of ten-pound notes littering my journey to work.

Of course, I never found anymore.

Until now.

Maybe my luck has changed .

Or maybe I’ll just be healthier and wealthier if I walk the dog more often.


  1. Alan

    As long as there is nobody watching you picking up their payment in advance of whatever else goes on in the woods.

    • Masher

      They’re not those kind of woods, Alan!

  2. Toffeeapple

    You’d think people would be more careful of their cash! Personally, I am like the Queen, in that I never carry any.

    • Masher

      Yes, ma’am, one would think so.

  3. Graham W

    Just got back from our evening dog walk and guess what, I found a fiver too; just lying there on the path outside a house. It too is now in my pocket.

    A couple of years ago on another dog walk I also found fiver and then a tenner next to it. It was early morning and no one was around so it got pocketed too. Later that morning I had a plumbing job to do and the new stopcock cost…£15. What a result.

    Today’s fiver has gone straight in the takeaway jar for a treat one day soon 🙂

    • Masher

      Mate, give up with the lottery: dog walking is obviously the best way to get free cash!

  4. Alan

    Gone are the days when you handed it in to a police station and waited 3 months to see if it had been claimed.

    • Masher

      Yeah, I did think about handing it in… for about a picosecond.

  5. Jules

    Lend us a tenner…

    • Masher

      Not after last time.

      And yeah, like YOU need it 🙂

  6. Brennig

    There’s something afoot. How come you go dog-walking and come back with £15 and I got dog-walking and come back with a bagful of poo

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