1. Alan

    Oh dear, what happened?

    • Masher

      Not sure how she did it, but she has managed to rip one of her claws off. There was quite a bit of blood.
      The vet had to cut the remainder off (which involved local anaesthetic and painkillers and then bandage it up.
      A hundred quid that little half hour visit to the vet cost. Double ouch!
      And she’s not allowed to get it wet, so when we take her out, she has to wear a plastic ‘boot’ over it – basically, a drip bag used for cattle and horses.

  2. Rajesh

    Oh no! get well soon 🙁

    • Masher

      Thanks Rajesh, she’s on the mend already.

  3. frances

    Oh the poor love……it must have been painful. She looks very sorry for herself.
    Hope she is better soon. Lots of TLC !

    • Masher

      Most definitely on the mend, Frances, but it’s not healed yet – as was evidenced this evening when I walked her and she chased another dog… whimpering as she did so!

  4. Alan

    I would send her a get well card but she will only eat it.

    • Masher

      We have a box outside now.

  5. Alan

    If you get a few more dogs you could change the site name to Musher dot tv. 🐶

    • Masher

      No comment.

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