Making friends with doggers

Kevin and Mike are two of my latest dogger friends.

Usually, we’ll meet several times a week, over in the woods and we’ll stand and chat for a while, whilst our respective pooches chase each other round and around the trees.

Until they are knackered.

The pooches, not Kevin and Mike.

And then we go home.

To our own, not to each others.

There are other dogger types that I sometimes meet up with, but I don’t know their names.

But I know their dog’s names.

And so, when I get home, I’ll sometimes mention to Mrs M that I bumped into “Sacha’s mum” or that I was “…talking to Monty’s dad”.

It’s a strange – but friendly – world, when you have a dog.


  1. Alan

    We found that when we lived up there but even more so down here. There must be a local rule that to live down here you have to be over a certain age or own a dog.
    Anyway, well done on reaching the 28th.🐶

    • Masher

      Or both.


  2. Frances

    You are so right….in the 17 yrs I have had dogs ( 2 dogs) , I have met so many lovely people while out walking. 2 ” best friends” who I arrange to see several times a week. A great crowd up at “The Oval ” who are there in the mornings. (It is a sad day when no one else turns up!! )
    It is usual when meeting an unknown dog walker to stop and chat about the dogs, and thus another friend might be made. I love it!

    • Masher

      Who knows, Frances, one day we may bump into each other… although walking to Harpenden may prove to be a bit much!

  3. Jules

    Dogging, eh?

    Yeah. I’ve seen those sorts parking up in the woods too. I’ve heard quite a few of them know Sacha’s mum.

    • Alan


    • Masher

      No Jules, not dogging… doggering.
      It’s very different.
      I’m told.

  4. Brennig

    I’m looking forward to meeting fellow doggers. We aren’t walking ours out yet though.

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