Not parched

Hydration is a big thing nowadays. It’s most important – apparently –  that we stay hydrated.

You’re not allowed to get thirsty anymore, apparently, so now everyone carries little bottles of water around with them.

At work, whenever we go into meetings, half the desk space is taken up by bottles of water because, it seems, no-one can go for an hour without needing to have a drink.

You could say I’m being hypocritical here as, whenever I go into a meeting, I’ll always take a cup of tea in with me. But I do  that, not because I might get thirsty, but because it’s tea. And of course, one should always take tea into meetings. It’s social etiquette.

And besides, someone might bring biscuits.

In the Gents toilet at work (I daresay it’s similar in the Ladies) we have a poster as shown, at reading height above each urinal.

I sometimes get strange looks as I stand there having a pee and say rather too loudly (and on purpose, of course), “Oh yes! Pale straw! Result!”


  1. Alan

    My, your a big boy if you have a straw for a pail. Sorry I misread it.
    Without that poster how many of us men really take notice of the shade of pee we produce. Not many I guess.
    I wonder how many have splashed their shoes while reading a notice or funny advert.

  2. Frances

    I do wonder how people of my generation ( quite old) have survived so well, without permanently drinking water or coffee . I have about 4/5 cups of tea in a day and have never collapsed from lack of liquid ! ( I may have collapsed from too much wine on occasion ! ) . As for coffee being carried about in the street……what is that all about? Grandkids have to go to school with full water bottles! Don’t remember even having water fountains at school!

    • Alan

      I can remember the 1/3 pint bottle of warm milk at breaktime in the playground. Now that was supposed to be good for you. I think the carrying of the coffee is to let you know they are either late for work or are far to busy to have a teabreak. The former is probibly the correct one.

  3. Brennig

    Cup of tea = pale straw? Really?

    • Masher

      You’ve not seen my tea.

      • Brennig

        Is it made of straw?

  4. Masher

    The pale variety, yes.

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