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Talking of mobile phones, it’s always fun to change your ringtone to something different to what came installed on the phone. 

Of late, the original Nokia tune has become a fashionable ringtone again… in an ironic sort of way.

Many people choose a popular tune or a comedic catchphrase, and I myself have added several to my phone.

All are TV theme tunes from the 1970’s and when my phone rings, someone of a similar age to myself will pop their head up and say “Ooh, that sounds familiar…  what is it?”

So, here are the theme tunes for you to have a guess at.

Anyone who gets all five will win a speedboat.*

Number 1


Number 2


Number 3


Number 4


Number 5


*Not really.


  1. Alan

    I will leave this one to the oldies.
    Recognise them yes, name the programs no.

    • Masher

      You ARE the resident oldie! 🙂

      British TV theme tunes from the Seventies.
      Can’t be that hard, can it?

  2. Frances

    I am an ” oldie” but can’t name any of them !

    • Masher

      Speedboat’s safe then 😉

  3. David Sheriton

    Well I’m not going to win a speedboat either but I can get 3 of them.
    1) Dangerman. (It took some time to remember. I associated it with Patrick McGoohan and new it wasn’t The Prisoner).
    4) The Champions. Alexandra Bastedo or something? Blonde. Phwoarrr!
    5) The Persuaders. Moore and Curtis. Safari suits a-go-go.

    Number 2 is really annoying me. I want to say Harry Worth although I’m pretty sure it isn’t. Apart from which he must have been 1960’s
    Number 3. No idea at all. Can’t be one I ever watched.

    • Masher

      Well done Dave… three out of five.
      Number 2 is a cracking tune that I heard as background music on the radio, whilst the presenter was doing his nattering. Like you, I recognised it but couldn’t think what it was. It annoyed me so much that I emailed the radio station. It’s Screen Test starring Michael Rodd.

      Number 3 was UFO. How can you not have watched UFO? It was brilliant… in a corny, cheesy, wobbly sets kind of way. Commander Straker of SHADO, played by Ed Bishop.

  4. Brennig

    Got all five. Your number 5 used to be my default ringtone for everyone who doesn’t have an assigned ringtone. So too was UFO, but a few handsets ago. My current unassigned default is Jason Bourne. I spent a couple of hours recently editing ringtones out of War of the Worlds for SWMBO

    • Masher

      Funnily enough, The Persuaders used to be my unassigned default, but now it’s UFO.
      So, when you ring Sam now, does her phone scream “ULLLAAAAHHH!!”?

  5. Toffeeapple

    I knew none of them. I think I probably didn’t have TV in the 70s.

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