Ringing in the changes

It’s that time again.

It has been two years since I got my current mobile phone and the contract runs out next month.

Now, I am on the Three network which, whilst it has been quite reliable, just hasn’t quite offered the coverage that I get with Vodafone on my company mobile.

And so, I am thinking about jumping ship to another provider, despite having been with Three for a number of years.

And my Sony Xperia phone has been as solid as a rock for the past two years. I’m still very happy with it and would happily stick with it, really.


Except it is two years old and the battery is knackered. And you can’t just change the battery, because the phone is sealed, because it’s waterproof.

And besides. It’s two years old and I suppose I fancy a change.

But, this is the bit I don’t like, because now I have to choose a new phone and there are just so many out there now to choose from (not including Apple, of course, because… it’s Apple).

And once I have chosen my replacement – which should be easy in theory, considering my minimum requirements – I then have the rubbish task of choosing a network to go with.

Again, that should be easy, because they are all the same.

Well, nearly.

Finally though, it’s the confusing and time-consuming task of choosing a package to suit my needs, without it costing the earth each month.

I think I want unlimited minutes, 4GB of data and 12 texts.

Or maybe I want unlimited minutes, unlimited data and 14 texts.

But, y’know, looking at my current usage, I can probably save money and get away with just 200 mins, 500MB of data and 10 texts.

I just don’t know.

What I do know though, is that hours of surfing the net and scouring mobile phone websites, lies ahead of me, before I lose the will to live and eventually just walk into Carphone Whorehouse and let Johnny No Stars talk me into a package I’ll inevitably regret later on.


  1. Frances

    Have you looked at GiffGaff ? I changed to it from EE just after Xmas…(along with my new phone, )and instead of paying £20 per month I am now paying £7.50, but could probably go to their £5 ” goody bag” as they call it. I get unlimited texts, 250 minutes of calls and some data, but as I normally use it for that at home on wifi, that isn’t a problem.

    • Masher

      I’ve looked before, but haven’t yet done so, this time round.
      To be honest, I’d forgotten about them.
      Will take a look. Thanks.

  2. Alan

    I have been with Vodafone since they invented the brick.
    We both have the same phone LG K10 (2017) 1 gb data, unlimited calls and txts
    Not forgetting the free use of any wifi hotspot you can reach.
    Both phones cost me about £55/month including insurance.(that’s for the 2 and not each)
    I think there is a good loyalty discount attached to my account.

    • Masher

      OK, that’s worth knowing.
      There’s some pretty good LG phones out there. Might take a look at those too.

  3. Jules

    GiffGaff. Amazing. Nuff said.

    • Masher

      Two nominations for GG already.
      Will definitely give them a lookee.
      If they’re good enough for a cowgirl princess…

  4. Brennig

    I too looked at giffgaff when my (very long running) Vodafone contract came up last year but they made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. As for handsets. I’ve been very happy with my Samsung S7 Edge, but my head is being turned by Sam’s Samsung S8, which is a dream of a phone

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