I’ve mentioned it before but, I still cannot get my head around how important coffee is. 

To some.

I just don’t understand what it means to some people to have a ‘proper’ cup of coffee.

Maybe that’s because, whilst I don’t mind the occasional cup of Joe – as our American cousins inexplicably call it – I am, in the main, a tea drinker.

I don’t want to pay extortionate prices for a skinny-flat-white-mocha-latte-cappucino (essentially, two spoons of Nescafe topped up with hot milk), when I can get a whole jar of Maxwell House for the same price.

But I seem to be in an ever-shrinking minority.

More and more coffee shops proliferate our high streets and they always seem busy: full of people holding huge, white, ceramic cups full of the dark brown liquid.

Trains and public areas are littered with cardboard cups, all bearing various logos from the well-known establishments.

At work, we have recently been getting visits from a mobile ‘proper’ coffee wagon. It pulls up outside a few times a day and beeps its horn. Within a few minutes, there is a line of people queueing up, to get their morning fix.

Honestly, I have seen some of them stand there for up to fifteen minutes, in freezing temperatures, just to get a cup of coffee.

Fifteen minutes!

I’m on my second cup of PG by then!


  1. Frances

    Totally with you on this…..give me a nice cuppa every time ! And as for people walking the streets with coffee in hand…….No No No !

    • Masher

      No No No, indeed, Frances.
      No sense of taste or class, some people.

  2. Alan

    Guilty as charged m’lud.
    2 cups of instant when I get up then it is tea for the rest of the day.
    If we are out anywhere and fancy a hot drink we normally have hot chocolate, because if we look up at the list of coffees on offer the cafe will be closed by the time we have made our mind up on which one to have.

    • Masher

      Hot chocolate? What are you… twelve?

  3. David Sheriton

    And whilst they are queuing for 15 minutes you are doing all the work.
    I think it comes from Java Joe. Whether he was an advertising character or used just for alliteration I don’t know. Then again why is coffee known as Java? Do they have coffee in Java and why if so is it so good? More questions than answers it seems.

    And I don’t like tea or coffee.

    • Masher

      “And I don’t like tea or coffee.”


  4. Jules

    Masher. Coffee isn’t just a drink, it’s an occasion. And it helps you stay vertical. And barista baiting is a great pastime. Just sayin’

    • Masher

      Yeah, well, I guessed that if one of my readers were to drink coffee, it’d be you, Jules.
      You’ve been ‘mericanised.

  5. Brennig

    I don’t get the coffee thing. My first hot drink of the day (usually around 5.40am, is an excellent cup of tea that I make in the kitchen and deliver to bed. Thereafter it’s hot chocolate for the rest of the day. If I have another cup of tea (or any coffee) I get really annoying – like a five-year old on sugar

    • Masher

      Again with the bed.
      What is it with you and the bed?
      Breakfast in bed.
      Dinner in bed.
      Ending every sentence in bed.

  6. Toffeeapple

    I don’t drink either, they both make me feel sick. I drink Ginger or Turmeric or Echinacea tisanes. Or an Oxo cube in hot water or Miso soup.

    • Masher

      Oh dear lord, it’s getting worse!
      An Oxo cube in hot water?
      That’s gravy, that is.
      TA, you are drinking gravy!!!

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