Cleaning up the gene pool

As internet “challenge” crazes go, this has to be one of the more stupid.

Andy Warhol promised that we would all get our 15 minutes of fame.

Personally, I’m not interested.

But, many are and they crave that recognition. 

And they will do almost anything – it seems –  to get it.

Including posting up videos of themselves eating laundry detergent as part of the “Tide Pod Challenge“!

When we have young children, we educate them to the dangers of such things. We put child-safe locks on the cupboard doors to prevent them having access to detergents and bleaches and other dangerous cleaning chemicals. And we continue to warn them of such things until we know they are old enough to realise the dangers themselves.

And then some fucking moron comes along on YouTube and shows them how cool he is, by eating such stuff.

To their credit, YouTube have been quick to remove the videos and Proctor & Gamble – the manufacturers of Tide Pods – have released warnings about trying this, on several social media platforms.

But it wasn’t quick enough to stop dozens of other Darwin Award contenders from giving it a go and then subsequently ending up in hospital with poisoning.

News of these idiots, has been reported in newspapers and on the radio and television news outlets around the world.

Fame at last.


  1. Alan

    How things have changed from years gone by. When I and probably lots of others around my age were told by their parents……
    “Say that again and I will wash your mouth out with soap”

    • Masher

      Yeah, but they never challenged us to actually EAT the soap!

  2. Jules

    But were their teeth whiter?

    • Masher

      Whiter… and smelling of summer meadows 🙂

  3. Brennig

    I do remember a Monty Python sketch that involved one of the characters eating Tide (the washing powder)

    • Masher

      Probably that Terry Jones… although I always thought him more of a Daz kind of man.

  4. Toffeeapple

    People can be so stupid!

    • Masher

      The stupid ones certainly can.

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