Well, what a great start to the New Year.

Last Wednesday, I awoke with a pain in my lower back. Not debilitating, or anything like that, but a bit sore on the left hand side.

It stayed with me for a couple of days and didn’t seem to be easing, but it wasn’t causing me too much bother. 

And then, Friday lunchtime, I was sitting on the sofa, eating a sandwich whilst watching a bit of telly, when I did something that would put me in agony for the next few days.

I crossed my legs.

That’s all: I just crossed my legs.

As I swung one leg over the other, the pain in my back shot from one side to the other. 

It has literally crippled me. I’m walking around like I’ve shat myself and it takes me about ten minutes to get dressed… that’s without the socks. I can’t put them on at all!

As a long-term sufferer of back pain, I know that it will clear up. Eventually.

Meantime, I’m on industrial strength Ibuprofen.

First day back at work, today. That should be interesting.


  1. Hope you manage ok. Have you got a nice seat warmer in the car for the trip to and from work.

    • Nah, no such luxuries in my car. Went out in Mrs M’s car yesterday and she switched on the seat warmer for me. I turned it off because, as nice as it felt on my back, it made my bum feel really hot.
      I don’t like having a hot bum.

  2. I don’t suppose it would help to mention it’s probably worse because of your age? When you get to my age crossing your legs is seen as a gymnastic skill.

    • Nope, doesn’t help at all, Dave.
      But yes, I know that you are only as old as you feel… and at the moment I feel about 80.
      Except that my dad is 81 and he’s in much better nick than me!

  3. You have my sympathy, I am a long term pain sufferer from Scoliosis and when that flares up, without warning I am unable to leave my bed. ‘Tis a bugger and I hate having to take the anti-infammatories.

    I hope it eases soon.

    • Sorry to hear of your suffering, TA.
      Likewise, you have my sympathy.

      On a positive note, I can feel it getting a bit better already.
      Hopefully, Mrs M won’t have to put my socks and shoes on for me tomorrow!

  4. You need to go to Physio The Rapist. Scary but magical. Best of luck, Masher 🙂

    • Nothing wrong with my back but I will give it go.😛

    • I don’t need luck, Jules: I’ve got drugs.

      I’ve never been to a physio before.
      My only ever visit to a massage parlour left me somewhat shook up – that’s another story – so I’ll just wait and see how well the drugs do first.

  5. There’s something to be learned here, maybe? Don’t sit on the sofa eating sandwiches? Don’t cross your legs? Don’t watch TV? Anyway, I hope you and your back are fixed and back to your normal selves

  6. ps. I have accidentally joined the injured back club and I would like to resign my membership now

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