Showing a girl a good time

I took a day off work on Friday, so that the current Mrs Masher and I could spend some quality time together.  Sans kids.

To be honest, I fully expected that would mean a day being dragged round the shops. But no: Mrs M had already done the bulk of her Christmas shopping and didn’t fancy another trip to Lakeside.

“You don’t want to go shopping?!” I was close to calling the doctor, but she assured me that she wasn’t ill.

It was  a still morning; bright but frosty, and so we took the dog on a lovely long walk through the woods. There wasn’t a soul around and we thoroughly enjoyed our stroll.  With just the two of us, and the light dappling through the trees as we walked, it was almost… romantic.

“Fancy going somewhere for lunch?”, I asked. She was right up for that so, come lunchtime, we took a walk up to our local. It was a bit busy in there, but we found a table and perused the menu.  Having picked out a couple of rather splendid looking burgers, I went up to the bar to order our grub.

“There’s an hour’s wait for food”, said the surly bartender. An hour?!  Sod that!

“Let’s try the Beefeater up the road”, I suggested. It was only a further ten minutes walk.
But when we got there, we were aghast at the prices.  i don’t mind paying forty quid for a proper meal for the two of us, but not for a lunchtime snack!

“There’s always The Bramingham”, I said. This truly is our local, but we don’t visit it very often. And so, we set off at a brisk pace, as lunchtime was now rapidly turning into mid-afternoon.

We arrived at The Bramingham to find it closed for refurbishment. Yet again. It’s one of those pubs that seems to change hands every few years.

There was only one thing for it. Across the road was Sainsbury’s. We both looked at it.



And so, we had omelette and chips and a lukewarm cup of tea, instead of the burger and pint that we’d both been so looking forward to.

Later that afternoon, I had to take some rubbish up to the Tidy Tip. I invited Mrs Masher along for the ride, but she declined.

I suppose a girl can only handle so much extravagance in one day.


  1. Alan

    You certainly know how to treat a lady.

    ‘and guess what my name & email are not in the boxes but just a click shows them.

  2. Alan

    Now they are showing after leaving your site and then returning.

    • Masher

      Not you.

  3. Frances

    Well, at least you had a nice walk! Might I suggest a dog walk along the old railway track towards Luton from Westfield Rd ( Harpenden) and then lunch in The Red Cow….situated just below where the walk starts. Food OK ( only eaten there once) but service can be a bit offhand (you can take the dog in)

    ps Had to put name and email in again! Not sure where Alan clicked!

    • Alan

      I clicked in the name and email boxes and it showed what was last entered. Name and email still showing up now.

      • Frances

        Tried clicking the boxes but nowt ! I shall give up, and just put my name in every time !

        • Masher

          Sorry Frances, but I don’t know what else to suggest.
          I can see no reason why this should be… especially as no-one else seems to have the problem.
          I have even emailed the developers of the theme I am using, but they have no idea either.

          • Alan

            Is it possible the Mac is clearing the registry/cache as it goes along. I know if I do a rare registry clean most of my info vanishes from lots of places where it normally retains some of my info. I know if I was to do a clean now my name and email would not show in the boxes on here as well as lots of other sites.

  4. David Sheriton

    We had lunch at La Cite in Carcassonne. I had a rather fine baguette of foie gras and caramelised onion chutney. But enough of this lunchtime food related banter, the most important news being that my details appear in the box continually.

    • Masher

      Look at you with your foie gras and your baguettes!

      Never thought I’d see the day…

  5. Jules

    I bet they’re queuing round the block…

    You can’t beat a British bloke when it comes to class. 😉

    • Masher

      Thanks Jules, I knew you’d understand.

      Maybe you could drop a letter to Mrs M and explain?

  6. Brennig

    For the week, since and including last Saturday up to today (Friday) I’ve been having lunch by myself as the future ex Mrs Jones has been in the colonies (Bangladesh). So my lunches have consisted of a sandwich and a bag of crisps. So I’m jealous of your omlette, chips and cup of lukewarm rosy. That sounds high-end. Well done.

    • Masher

      You’re right to be jealous: that’s haute cuisine, that is.

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