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A couple of months back, I was looking for a new box set to get my teeth into.

Scrolling through the list on the TiVo, I happened across Curb Your Enthusiasm by Larry David.

Someone had recommended this to me many years ago and had even supplied me the first series on a bootleg DVD.

I started watching it, but gave up less than an episode in.  Not my cup of tea.

But, it’s one of those programmes I have heard so many good things about over the years. And I’d been told several times that it IS my cup of tea.

And so, here it was: 100 episodes, free to watch.  Worth a second go, surely?

Wow! How had I been so wrong about this fifteen years ago? It really is my cup of tea. And coffee. And probably several other hot beverages.

And so, I’ve been watching five or six episodes a week, for the past couple of months and have been thoroughly enjoying it.

And then, just last week, I noticed a statement on the screen that said “Available Until 24th May”.

“24th May? Arrgghh! That’s this month! That’s in a couple of weeks! I’ve still got 50 episodes to go!”

And so, I have been doing some serious binge watching!

Six episodes yesterday.

Two so far today… and it’s only 7:30am.

At this rate, I still won’t make it, so I’ll have to up my game a bit.

Problem is: I’m now getting Curb Your Enthusiasm overload, which is starting to,  er… curb my enthusiasm a little bit.


  1. Dave

    We did the same with Line of Duty. On the Monday before the final episode, having never watched a single episode before we decided we wanted to watch the final episode live. So just 37 episode to fit into 6 days at an hour long each. We didn’t quite make it but read nothing about it until we caught up on the Tuesday following.

    • Masher

      It may sound trivial, but I don’t think people realise how hard it is, Dave.

      Having really enjoyed the first five series’ of LoD, I found the last one wanting.

  2. Brennig

    Hello. Line of Duty virgin here. No spoilers please, we may watch it sooner or later. Perhaps. Anyway. Tivo What? Larry Who? Also, it’s 24th May tomorrow. Just saying.

    • Masher

      I did it!
      A binge-fest over the weekend, got me across the finishing line.
      The only episode I didn’t see in it’s entirety, was Season 10, Episode 8, because someone at Sky Comedy/Virgin Media cocked up and showed the first half of the show on both sides of the advert break. 🙁

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