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At the top of this page, just below the header, are several links.

One of these links says “Archive”.

This takes you to my old pre-2017 pages, should you wish to read drivel older than that which I am writing at the moment.

Problem is: it doesn’t work properly anymore. It used to be OK, so I don’t know what has happened.

Clicking on the link initially looked like it took you nowhere – just a black screen – but I found the posts were actually there if you scrolled down.

However, they were a right mess, with “Get Magic Quotes is deprecated” written all over the page.

My ISP provider confirmed there was nothing wrong server-side, and there was little they could do except roll back to a daily backup from last week.  Problem is, I think this issue has been there for several months, so that wouldn’t be any good.

With the help of Google, I spent several hours yesterday, tinkering with my wp-includes file and that has improved things and has removed most of that deprecated magic quotes nonsense, but it’s still not right.

On top of that, when I log in, my Dashboard has disappeared, meaning I can do bugger all with it, pretty much.

And I can’t even remember how I set this all up – OK, I know it’s only just over three years ago, but with my memory being what it is nowadays, that seems like eons.

I think – assume – that I would have set it up on a separate MYSQL database from the main blog. It did have it’s own theme, so that seems logical.


But then, it would have had to have it’s own sub-domain, surely, and I can’t find any evidence of that.

I am at a loss now and will need to seek expert help, so if anyone out there is a bit of a WordPress guru…





  1. Alan

    I have had a look but cannot find the solution down here.

    • Masher

      Did you look everywhere? Under the sofa?

  2. Dave

    Have you de-whirdled the DCN listing? Remember there is a defunct mod 91 base.

    I’m afraid that is the best I can suggest.

    • Masher

      Of course I tried de-whirdling it, Dave, I’m not an idiot, you know.
      Sadly, it just made things worse and all the Type 2 SPON variables fell out. 🙁

      But thanks anyway.

  3. Jules

    You Tube. They know everything on there 😉

    • Masher

      They don’t know this… I looked.

  4. Brennig

    hApPy To HeLp

    • Masher

      hApPy To LeT yOu Do So

      Much appreciated Bren, because I have pretty much given up!
      If you get your people to talk to my people on the electronic mail thingy, maybe we can sort out a mutually convenient time?

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