M… m… m… my corona 2

I’m ill!

I have the dreaded lurgi!

It’s probably just a cold.

I have flu-like symptoms: sneezing; chesty coughing; headache; just generally feeling shit.

It’s probably just a cold.

But, with this virus thing going about – Covid 19 as it is now officially known – one can’t help but wonder.

Because the symptoms are very similar.

The mind tries to re-trace the past couple of weeks, to see whether you have come in to contact with anyone from one of the countries listed as risky. Of course, you have no way of knowing for sure.

Except… I do.

One of my guys has recently returned from Thailand and I spent some time with him last week.

Thailand is on the list!

And he fell ill, last week.

But he got better.

So it’s probably just a cold.


  1. Alan

    Staying at home would be the right thing to do.

    • Masher

      It would.
      It is.
      And I am.
      Loathe though I was to ruin my somewhat enviable sickness record, I didn’t think anyone would thank me for going into work with Corona-like symptoms, so I have taken a couple of days off.

  2. Graham W

    I too have been struck by the lurgi too, progressively getting worse as the week has gone on.

    Similarly I retraced my steps, trying to think where I could have been infected.
    I suspect it was whilst we were in London at the weekend.

    I did consider wearing one of those masks whilst were in town but as were going to see Frank Skinner I thought might have opened me up for some ridicule from the comedy legend.

    Anyhow I think mine’s just a cold too!

    • Masher

      You saw Frank, live? I’m jealous.

      A radio amateur friend of mine works for a company that supplies the NHS and he says they ran out of those surgical masks within just a couple of days.

      • Alan

        A folded hanky just like they had in the wild west will do the same job.
        Yee haa

      • Graham W

        Frank was very funny.

        He came on stage saying ‘Nice to see you to see you nice’ stating it was now free to use 🙂 Brilliant.

  3. Brennig

    Funny how you came down with this illness so soon after receiving a little package from China. Now I’m not one to air conspiracy theories but…

    • Masher

      Oh yes you are.

  4. Rajesh Kumar

    Thank God! You did not get from me.. mine was more nasty.

    • Masher


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