“Fancy a quick game of chess?”, Harry asked me on Saturday.

I was taken aback: I’d taught both kids how to play, years ago, but neither held any real interest in the game.  Quite possibly because I am a bit too competitive. I thrashed them both, relentlessly, not really allowing them to get a feel for the game. I was always amazed at how often they would fall for Fool’s Mate and I always ruthlessly took advantage.

Neither of them has gone near a chess set in years… to the best of my knowledge.  Amelia constantly has her head buried in various YouTube videos, whilst Harry spends as many waking hours as possible, playing Fortnite on his X-Box.

So, when he presented me with another chance  to give him a thrashing, I readily accepted.

He beat me.

In my defence – not the Sicilian one (see what I did there?) – I approached the game with a touch of over-confidence  – having beaten him in every game we’ve ever played.  As such, I was a little shocked when he started playing some good moves.

I suspect a rat: he says he hasn’t been practicing, but I reckon he must have. To just suddenly ask me – out of the blue – for a game of chess, when he hasn’t shown any interest in it for years, is just a little suspicious, in my book.

However, he beat me fair and square.

And y’know what: despite my competitiveness and being a bit of a sore loser, I’m actually really chuffed that he beat me.

I’m quite proud.

Doesn’t mean I’m gonna let him do it again, though.


  1. ’tis all square in love and war.
    I was going to say something about a friendly bishop but thought better of it.
    Nice to hear he got the better of you but will he give you a few rematches(I could give you hundreds of matches)
    oh mate what a line.🦕

  2. Go Harry!! Those secret meetings with Garry have paid off!

  3. Well done Mark! It’s perfectly ok to lose sometimes and still be proud 👍😃

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