Ch… ch… ch… changes

Well, I think I made that a lot harder than it should have been!

To be fair, there was a hosting problem – which young Mr Jones discovered (thanks for your help, Bren) – and once that was resolved, it put things back on the right track.

But then I had an issue with a corrupted mySQL database which, in hindsight, I think is probably not actually corrupted at all.

And then there was the theme. I had problems getting the site to look how it used to and just couldn’t figure out why. Turns out, the theme that I use,  got a major upgrade whilst my site was down and in the new version, things were quite different.

And buggy.

A couple of conversations with the developer, resulted in a further minor upgrade being rolled out, which fixed the issues I was having.

So, things are now up and running again, and I can go back to writing the usual drivel, for your delight and delectation.

But I have made some slight changes.  The problem with the database, led me to believe I would be better off starting afresh and archiving all my old posts. But, as I say, it turns out that there might not actually be a problem with the database, and so I could try to resurrect it within this blog.  But I really can’t be arsed. And so, I shall make all the old posts available as an archive site, which I’ll put a link to… when I get round to it.

I’ve also decided to drop my old Radio blog. I found running two blogs, too much work – it’s hard enough just doing one! And so, anytime I feel inclined to write something about radio or electronics it will appear here… much to your delight, I’m sure.



  1. NO NO NO
    “So, things are now up and running again, and I can go back to writing the usual drivel, for your delight and delectation.”
    Go back to the problems.

    Only joking…….

  2. Welcome back…..I expect I shall skip the radio/electronics posts! More dog please.

    ps I have obviously had to enter my name and email this time….we shall see if it is still there next time !!!

    • Skip the radio & electronics? You don’t know what you’re missing, Frances.
      What’s that? You DO know? Oh.

      Yeah, I’m sure some doggy tales can be squeezed in at some point.

      Time will tell.
      And, if it doesn’t, I’m sure you will 😉

  3. If that picture is of Mrs M sitting at your computer keyboard I think I may have discovered a further problem for you!

  4. Nothing wrong with that keyboard, Dave.
    That’s a classic, that is!

  5. hey i found your blog a few years ago its great glad its back Mrs Anon

  6. I would just like to say…. that my name and email have gone from the boxes !!

  7. More radio stuff please.

  8. So, you and Bren cracked it? Well done, looking forward to the drivel.

  9. My name and email appear as normal. Does Frances have auto-fill enabled or disabled. Could just be a tick box issue.

    • Hi Alan, Thanks for the info, but I can’t see a box saying ” autofill” ! Would I need to go further into the depths of the computer…(quite new iMac). I don’t have this problem on any other blog sites.

      • Mark must be the problem as usual then. Probably not the computer but only have standard pc this end so do not know the darkest depths of a Mac.
        The only thing you could try but I doubt whether it will work is to delete masher from your bookmarks, type his address in manually and then save to bookmarks and see if it changes anything.
        Good luck with it.

  10. It’s good to see you bothering the Internet again

  11. Testing..have done what Alan said ! Deleted from bookmarks bar etc. Will see if my name remains on here for next time.

  12. Well…….I have been to Facebook and back and my name is still here below! A tentative thanks to Alan. All I need now is a very interesting post from Mr Masher so that I can do a ” proper” comment…(preferably about the dog ..with pictures! )

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