Really? You’re doing this again?

Well, here we are: February already!

Soon be Christmas.

So, every February, I do this stupid blogathon thing, don’t I?

I’d probably not bother, if it hadn’t become the internet sensation that it has.

But, each year, I start by bemoaning how difficult it’s going to be to finish the whole month, because nothing much has happened.

And each year, I do manage to finish – by hook or by crook, sometimes.

But, we get there, somehow.

However, this (surprisingly) is the first time I have tried to do it during a pandemic.

Somehow, I have to write 28 posts this month, when nothing much has happened… for real.

No tales of going to the pictures; no whimsical anecdotes about a trip to the dentist; no amusing stories about loonies in the shopping mall.


It’s just me getting up in the morning; sitting in front of a laptop for eight hours and then going to bed.

All interspersed with stoppages for food, watching a bit of telly and walking the dog.

That’s it, pretty much.

And so, I apologise in advance for the drivel that I will need to bestow upon your eyes, if I am to finish this year’s attempt.

Either that, or this could very well be the year where I give up.


  1. Alan

    Well, that is day 1 dealt with. 👍

    • Masher

      I know. Clever, eh?

  2. Dave

    Oh my Giddy Aunt. I forgot all about this. Going to run araound like a headless chicken and then post something. Will I get to day 28 for the first time in ages. Should be easier since I’ve got nothing better to do.

    • Masher

      Ahh, our French correspondent! Bien venue.
      Indeed, you have no reason to not complete the challenge this month, Dave.
      Apart from all the reasons I have outlined above, of course.

  3. Brennig

    How marvellous. I’m looking forward to this year’s efforts, to give me a valuable distraction from all the things that I need distracting from.

    • Masher

      Well, it’ll be a distraction, alright.
      How valuable that might be, is up for debate.

  4. Rajesh

    Well done Mark! the blogathon is going really well

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