Month: April 2020

Still Annoyed… it would seem

What a beautiful day!  Up bright and early I decided I would take the mutt for a walk around the the woods, before all the numpties turned up.

Usually, the ‘morning walk’ consists of a half hour stretch of the legs through the urban meadow just a few minutes away, and the ‘evening walk’ will be a much longer traipse through the woods or around the woods or alongside the woods.

And this morning it was wonderful: we didn’t see or hear a soul.

We walked along in total silence. Not even any wind.

Just the sound of the birds in the trees.

And the tip-tap of the aglets on my laces, tapping against my boots as I walked.

That tiny little sound wouldn’t normally bother me, but, now that I’d heard it, it was all I could hear as I walked, and it jarred with the absolute stillness around me and started to get on my nerves.

I stooped down and tucked the end of the laces into my boots. That was better, total silence now, as I walked.

But the laces came out after about a minute and the tapping started again.

Annoyed, I stopped by a fallen tree,  undid my laces and re-tied them, making sure there wasn’t enough slack for the ends to flap about.


We walked in total silence.

Just the sound of the birds in the trees,

And a slight squeak from the rubber heel on my boot.



Sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while, but I’ve been busy.  People to see, places to go. You know how it is.

But I’m starting to get annoyed with people.

People wearing masks in their cars.

On their own.

In their car.

Wearing a mask.


And, I’m also getting annoyed that masks and rubber gloves are fast becoming the new urban detritus.  Our local Sainsbury’s car park is littered with them.

But, not just there, I’m also seeing them laying on grass verges; tossed onto roundabouts and carelessly dropped in the woods.

Yes, the woods: the beautiful woods where I walk Saber each evening.

I find it most annoying to stroll along the footpaths, lost in the beauty of the low sun filtering through the trees, dappling it’s light on the host of lilac bluebells that fill the woods at this time of year (yeah, Wordsworth: ‘host’ doesn’t just have to apply to daffodils, y’know!), only to stumble across an abandoned latex glove, laying there like five discarded condoms.  It kind of ruins the mood.

But, it’s not the only thing in the woods that is annoying me.

Where once there was a still silence, broken only by the wind in the trees and the sound of twigs snapping underfoot, there is now a constant cacophony of noisy kids.  It used to be that we would hardly see a soul as we did our circular walk, occasionally happening across a fellow dog-walker or two. But now, since Boris has decreed that we can only go out once a day to exercise, the woods have suddenly become infested with whole families using it for their daily  perambulations; marching their way through and widening the footpaths; breaking off branches and trampling through the bluebells.

With ne’er a dog between them!

Get the fuck out of my woods, you noisy bastards and take your rubbish with you!


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