Month: July 2019


I buy quite a lot of stuff from Amazon.

OK, I know they treat their staff like shit, but they are reasonably priced and very convenient… especially when you have Prime.

I also like how it’s possible to read reviews, before making a purchase; very handy if you have never bought that particular item before. Of course, reviews are subjective and you’ll often see a one-star review nestled in amongst dozens and dozens of five-star ones, claiming that this is the worst piece of crap ever and everyone should avoid buying it.

I reckon that sometimes, when I’m looking for something, I’ll spend more time reading the reviews than if I’d actually gone to a shop and bought one!

Another useful thing, is the ability to post a question on the item’s page.

But it does amaze me how some people feel the need to reply to a question, even if they don’t have a useful response.

I recently bought some items and here are some of the questions and responses that I saw for them:

A battery charger

A keypad for my aunt’s alarm panel

A 12 Volt Lead Acid Battery for the same alarm panel

I think this one was for a bike lock

This is my favourite… for a plug-in USB charger for a car cigarette lighter socket



A Magical Night

Last night, we went out – as a family – to see a show down that London.

It was a magic show.

You both know how much I love a magic show!

And we all thoroughly enjoyed it, because it was very good.

Whether it was good enough to justify the eighty quid a ticket price, I’m not so sure.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a wonderfully entertaining show.

But… eighty quid a ticket!

Actually, with the admin fee, it worked out an extra £2.50 on top of that.

Add to that the return train fare, which was another 48 quid.

And then a meal and a couple of drinks at Planet Hollywood.

That family night out, just cost me about 500 quid!


It’s back to Cineworld for us.

In the money

Whilst walking the dog through the woods, last night, I found a five-pound note.

Just laying there on the path, it was.

There was no-one around, so I picked it up and slipped it in my pocket.

I felt quite chuffed with my find… but not as chuffed as you might think.

Y’see, last month, whilst walking through the same woods – with the same dog – I happened across a ten-pound note, again, just lying there on the path.

And again, there was not a soul around, so I trousered that one too.

I don’t know about the streets of London being paved with gold, but the woods in Luton seem to be fairly flush.

Apart from the odd bits of loose change, this is the first decent bit of money I have found for a long time.

i remember many years ago, when I lived and worked in town, I was walking to work bright and early one morning, when I saw a ten-pound note laying on the pavement. There was no-one around, so I happily pocketed it.

Thirty seconds later, I found another one: just laying there on the pavement. That too went into my pocket and I convinced myself – there and then – that I’d be stinking rich by the time I got to the end of the road: imagining bundles of ten-pound notes littering my journey to work.

Of course, I never found anymore.

Until now.

Maybe my luck has changed .

Or maybe I’ll just be healthier and wealthier if I walk the dog more often.

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